We provide a range of quality services and products for the agricultural and horticulture industries, including everyday repair, gate fabrication, and gate installation. We have constructed of a variety of custom equipment such as earth scrapers and drain tile layers. We also carry some standard equipment such as feed pushers, manure scrapers, and bale forks.

We build a variety of quality nursery equipment and tractor attachments. We also have experience in building greenhouse equipment, such as basket elevators and rolling tables, and in hot water pipe welding and fitting.

We carry a line of standard horticulture equipment such as land levelers and tracking trailers.

  • For more information on our projects, or if you have a project you want us to work on, please contact us.

Featured Items:

Land Levelers

Comes with either a tractor 3pt hitch or skid steer mount.

  • Standard 7’ – $1,525
  • Custom 5’ Regular duty – $1,150
  • Custom 5’ Heavy duty – $1,325
  • Custom 6’ – $1,400
  • Custom 8’ Regular – $1,600
  • Please note: We require a deposit on custom levelers.

Tow Along Nursery Trailers

  • Standard 4×12’ – $2,500 – $2,700

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